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Dimensions for Information and Technology also Offering Courses in Computer Science with a number of other practical fields, in Computer Courses we are taking start with the basic needed Courses and will go to Professional Courses.

Companies want to raise the rate of the national workforce or to train its employees in a multi purposes training programs

Our ITC service welcomes everyone to test their abilities at our center. We are an approved  ETS (Educational Testing Service) testing center

DET recruitment aims to help government and private sectors to recruit Saudis and qualify them to work in various professions.

DET committed to providing consultations in all the areas of education and training. This will be according to the customers' required fields that covered by DET.

We engage to organize tailored courses according to our customers' needs

DET is well aware of the importance of seminars and conferences leads us to give a special interest to these areas.

International Commercial Arbitration is an alternative solution to resolve contracted commercial disputes for details click on Read more:

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