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Dimensions for Education & Training



DET is a multidimensional company in the fields of Education and Training in K.S.A . It has a highly professional and well educated team belongs to different nationalities. This diversified work environment helps to create distinct national and international links around the world. 

DET  features with a scientific administrative, the best training experts, nationally and internationally accredited advisors and specialists in all areas of training and education. The company also features with modern laboratories, halls, advanced equipment and the latest versions of software.  Our training team develop special interest for trainees  in order to create better learning environment that enable them to achieve the level, that qualify them for facing  future challenges to obtain a better position.

 DET's Institutes  focus on the principals of innovation and creativity in developing national human resources, through its abilities, skills, experiences and tools in the field of training and education. We always make efforts to be at the forefront with our best human and financial resources.

Chairman Message

        In the emerging highly competitive world, there is obvious need to produce dynamic minds who can adapt to the changing scenario and complex situations and are innovative enough to face the diverse challenges effectively. Since the mission of the Company is to impart quality education, it constantly strives to attract good faculty, good students, provides good infrastructure and purposeful supportive environment in its Institution. The Company, infect, continues to look for excellence in every aspect of its activities to develop the students into leaders of tomorrow who will make name not only for themselves but also for their Institution and nation.

        We take pleasure in welcoming all those men and women aspiring to excel, in the years ahead, to join any of these important courses as suitable to their mission requirements. The Institution Management will be happy to respond to your queries and provide other personal guidance to the candidates.

Our Vision

DET is looking to be the optimum choice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Mission

We seek to provide high quality training and educational services with long-standing values and principals that enable us to achieve the satisfaction of our customers by supporting innovation, enrich theoretical and practical knowledge according to the global learning standards.


  • Reinforce the role of the companies to expand the human resource's skills level and qualify them to open new prospects for future work.
  • Expand the level of human resources in government and private sector through advanced training according to the global standards.
  • Enhance the interaction with the needs of the personnel and the
  • Organizations through the provision of programs suitable for all training needs.
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