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TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program)


The TOEFL® ITP tests consist of previously administered TOEFL paper-based test forms. They are used to identify student’s current levels of proficiency, to evaluate progress at the end of a course, for placement in a program of study, for screening for scholarship programs, or to complete a graduation requirement.

The TOEFL ITP is a paper base tests that evaluate nonnative English speakers’ skills in three areas:

  • Listening Comprehension – measures the ability to understand English, including short and long    conversations and short talks or lectures.
  • Structure and Written Expression- measures the ability to recognize standard written English.
  • Reading – measures the ability to read and understand short passages at the university level.



TOEFL ITP is acceptable throughout the Kingdom. All Universities, Colleges, Organizations, Companies,

Ministries accept this test for their students and employers throughout the Kingdom. The TOEFL ITP test is twice every week. 


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