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Operation Supervisor

Data entry and word processing

Improving Administrative and leadership skills

Innovative and Creative Thinking

Management and Strategic Planning

Alteration managing

Modern Methods for Employees Evaluation

H . R Management for non HR Managers

Cadres Management

Delegating Skills Improvement

New Approaches in Planning Job Succession

Behavioral and Administrative Skills for New Managers

Preparing of Training Plans

Designing and Evaluating Training Programs

Measuring Training Impact

Designing Training Programs

Improving Training Official Skills

Tertiary education and learning program

Training Teaching Assistants , Lecturers and Professors at Universities

Deployment of Electronic Means of Communication to Accomplish the Education Process

Complications Encountering Faculty members while preparing Researches and How to Solve them

Developing Teaching Staff Members’ Capabilities According to The Academic Union Criteria

Accounting for non-accountants

Preparation of Budgets and Money management

Financial Statement Analysis

Modern Strategies in Analyzing and Preparing of Financial Reports and budgets

Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee and their problems

Basics of Marketing

Effective Planning for Marketing

Preparing and Designing of Marketing Research

Plans and Strategies of Marketing

Managing the Operations of Marketing and Promotions

Efficient Management of Purchase and Stores

Purchase and Stores Management Systems to Handle Coded and Magnetic Stocks

Supplying , Storing and Purchasing Control

Inventory and Stock Control

Modern Methods in Inventory and Stock Control

Legal Aspects of labor disputes and the Role of Labor Unions on these Disputes

Disputes Settlement inside the Working Environment

Advanced Procedures on Administrative Investigate

Sophisticated Technology in Detect Financial Violation and Fraud

Law for non-lawyers

Private Industrial Security

Constructing and Improving Industrial Security

Risk Analysis and field secure Survey

Skills of Modern Maintenance Management

Behavioral Skills for Field security man

Managing Information Technology Projects

Efficient Projects managing

Economic Feasibility Study for New Project

Sigma 6 Approach to achieve Quality in Managing Projects

Basics of Projects Managing


Strategic Planning

Modern Director between Time and Compass

developing the Emotional Intelligence for Leaders & Managers

Introduction to logistics

Introduction to Freight Transport Services

Shipping & Documentation

Supply Chain Management Services

Customer Relationship Management for logistics

Commercial Arbitration

Recent trends in administrative investigations and controls administrative corruption

Contracts, Variability Orders and contractual claims Management and arbitration thereon

Contract Management, Monitoring and Discovery of Fraud and Irregularities

Developing relationship between the administrative and legal

Professional Secretarial for Executive Leaders Office Methods

Meetings Management and Organization Art

Creative Skills in Office Management

Simultaneous Translation Skills

Administrative and Technical Skills to the Office Managers and Secretarial

International Public Relations Management

Public Relations and Ways to Improve the Mental Image

Art of Media Program Set up

Public Relations Staff's Field Skills

Dealing with the Public Skills

Monitoring and Protecting Information and Networks

Engineering and managing of Networks

Web-sites Designing

Graphic Program ( 3D Max )

Maintenance Course

Java Script Program

General English - 9 LEVELS

English for Accounting

English for Human resources

English for Logistics

English for Medical Profession

Effective Communication Skills

Solving Problems and Decisions Making

Interpersonal Skills

Effective Supervisory Skills

Effective Planning Skills

Managing Time Cleverly

How to deal with Work Pressure and Stress

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Administrational Excellence and Creative Leadership

Total Quality Management TQM

Excellence Principles and the Effectiveness of Leadership

Managing Differences in the Working Environment

The Effective Leadership In Influencing and Controlling work teams

Remote Management Technique Leading Creativity

Crises Management and Successive Management in Time of Crises

Business Protocols and Etiquette

Human Capital Managing Strategies

Interpersonal Skills ( Chiefs / Colleagues / Subordinates)

Skills of Building and managing work team

Meetings Management and Reporting Techniques

Secretary Role in activating and Managing chiefs’ work

Supreme Offices Management and Executive Secretary Skills

Reducing and Organizing Office Documents

Effective Correspondence Skills

Official Reporting

Archiving and The Electronic Office

Business Correspondences

Improving Written Communications Skills

Planning , Executing and measuring Media Campaigns

Public Relations Skills In Organizing Fair and Conferences

How to Deal With VIPs Skillfully

Public Job Conducts

Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors

Planning , Executing and measuring Media Campaigns

Oratory and Presentation Skills

Strategic Consortium and Successful Partnership

Preparing The Strategic Leader

H. R Management with Balance Score Card

Building management of human resources information systems

Principles and Conducting of Personal Interviews

Principles and Conducting of Personal Interviews

Arranging Administrative Procedures in Firms

Keeping the Employee Strategies – Controlling Rotating Rate

Internal Consulting Skills for H R Specialists

Training Department from Quality comprehensive perspective

Global standards in recruitment, selection and appointment

Modern introduction in human resource management

Employees performance evaluation and career planning

Construction of the organizational structure and job description

Skills of Training Needs Assessment

Human resources planning and budgeting skills

Managing The Training Process

Perception Training Needs

TOT Basic Training Skills

TOT Advanced Training Skills

Contemporary University Curriculum ( Its Principles , Structure , Layout and Improvement )

Raising Professional Efficiency of Teaching Staff Members and Researcher’s Assistants

Financial Structures ( Imbalance Studying and Methods of Adjustments )

Basics of Credit Analysis

Ways of detecting Forging of Financial Documents

Advanced Financial Accounting

Measuring the Financial and Administrational Performance of the Corporations

Cost Accounting in the Industrial Companies

Modern Approaches in Accounting and Internal Audit

Financial Accounting Skills for non-accountants

International Accounting Criteria and Preparing of Financial Statements

The legal Regulations of Islamic Banks

Fundamentals and Concepts of Financial Accounting

Modern Methods of Planning and Cost Deduction

Formatting & Editing the Financial and Administrational Reports

Professional Course in Excel

International Criteria of Accounting and Auditing in the non-profitable Organizations

Islamic Fund and Investment Formulas

Improving Accounting Skills Using Computer

Financial Failure Forecast

Tenders Preparation Skills

Analyze the Information and Risk Management


Pricing Principals

Successful Selling in a week

Telemarketing Skills

Bargain Skills and Executing Sales transactions

Basics of Professional Selling

Strategies for Selling to Major Customers

Customers ‘Care Managing

Measuring of Customers Satisfaction

Excellence in Customers Care

Planning and Improving productivity

Skills for Bargaining with the Importers

Strategic Marketing

International Marketing and Exportation

Art of Selling for Salesmen

How to be a Professional Salesman

How to Overcome Sales Objections

Building Public Relations to Succeed in Sales

Professionalism in Sale Skills

Techniques of Stock Management

Purchasing management Using Contemporary Electronic technologies

New Ways in Purchasing and how to interact with Suppliers

Shipping & Documentation Procedures of Import and Export

Methods of Preventing Losses in Warehouses

Efficient Bids Management and Purchasing Contracts

Managing Crises of Warehouse Purchasing and Bids

Outer and Inner Procurement Advanced Strategies

Purchases Management Techniques

Materials Management and, Inventory Control

Stores Managers' Skills Developing

Total Quality in Purchases and Stores Management

Negotiation Skills in International Procurement Contracts

Methods of Evaluating Suppliers

Purchases System and FIDIC Rules

Procurement Rules and Procedures in Government Organizations

Scientific and Practical Approach to Get Rid of Stagnant Inventory

Formulation Legal and Administrative Systems

Formulation of Decisions and Legal Notices

Administrative Delegation

Provisions of the Administrative Law

Management of Contracts

Debt Collection

Structuring Establishments According to the Legal Aspects

Issuing Contracts and Agreements and Companies and Investment Contracting

How to Prepare Business Contracts and the regulations of their legal formulation

Legal and Legitimacy Pleadings Before the Courts Art

Legal Advisers' skills Developing

Legal and Legislative Drafting Skills

Legal Rules for Documentary Credits

How to Deal with Rumors in the Working Environment

Preventive Predictive Maintenance and Defects Analysis

Security Planning Course ( Protect Plans and Procedures Executing )

Confidentiality and Security of documents and Information and How to save them in the Computer

American Occupational Up security Measures, health and safety According to USA - DSHA standards

Distinction in the Preparation and Drafting of Security Reports and Correspondence

Sense of Security Skills of Security Men Developing

Installations Security System Building Strategy

Occupational Safety Rules and Standards

Recent Trends in Installations Security

Total Evacuation Plan in Vital Installations programs

Safety and Quality in Laboratories program

Security Crises and Negotiating skills Management

Security Services Performance Developing

Administrative Capacity Development for the Managers in the Security Services

Techniques of Dealing with Science

Scheduling and Efficient Planning of Successful Projects

PMP ( Projects Management Professional ) Exam Preparation

Funding and managing Moderate and Small Projects

Retail Logistics

Fundamental of Supply Chain

Advanced Fleet Optimization

Ports & Shipping Management

International Trade & Freight

Category Management

Supplier Relationship Management for logistics

Upgrading the Skills For Warehouse and Storekeepers

Rules and Procedures of Government Warehouse

Introduction To Leadership Logistics

Effective Tenders & Suppliers Relation Management

Warehouses & Stock Control Management

Principles of Logistics Business & Management

warehouses Proper Organization and Planning

Officials Procurement & Contract Logistic

Integrated Skills in Warehouse and Stock Control Management

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Advocacy Skills in Labor Issues

Art of Legal Pleadings and Legitimacy before the Courts

Contracts Translation and Drafting

Developing of Legal Advisers Skills

Arbitration in Works Contracts (contract of (construction projects Consolidated Contractor

Formulation of Regulations and Internal Policies

Engineering Arbitration and FIDIC Contracts

Preparing and Training of Arbitrators Program

E-governance and Its Applications in Executive Secretariat Works Management

The Technical Skills of Support Services Staff and Administrative Assistants

Electronic Security and Indexing

Archiving Documents, Records and Files Manually and Electronically

Modern Administrative Communications and Applications in the Office Management Field

Foreign Relations and International Cooperation Through Information Technology

Principals of Ceremony and Protocols for Managers of the Senior Management Offices

Preparation and Organization of Conferences

The Role of Public Relations in Crisis and Emergency Management Events

Effective Media and Public Relations

Principals of Ceremony and Protocols for VIP

Modern Strategies for Public Relations

Media Campaigns Management

Java Script Program

Photoshop Program

Ms word 2010

Ms Excel 2010

Ms PowerPoint 2010

Ms Outlook 2010

Ms Access 2010

Ms FrontPage

Ms OneNote

Ms Publisher

English for Engineering

English for Energy Industry

English Electronic Correspondence - Emails.

English for Protocol

Business English Conversation

General English Conversation

English in Business

English in Travel and Tourism

English in Law

English in Construction

English for Secretarial

English for Banking







SD math

governance, strategic planning

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