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Supply Chain Logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics







The program designed to meet the needs of companies that will work or rely on the logistics business in such as transport, storage, handling, loading, unloading and the mobilization of customs shipping forms. Using the management and planning of internal processes and between skills. From an applied perspective / where the success of the planning is ,a pillar for successful logistics companies continuity within the measures of success, profitability and customer satisfaction through the delivery of shipments to customers easily and safely.

We have been taking into account the universality of materials in the program, to help refine students skills to work in various professions listed under (the storage, transportation operations), or other belonging logistics business. To contribute to develop operating companies in storage area or transport, distribution, customs clearance offices down to the jobs available at point of sale for various products.

The program explain and define concepts necessary to logistics works, also concerned with terms of English and Computer Science as a user can deal with the language of era in this area and focus with how to deal with the modern requirements.

Therefore, trainee who ends the course will be eligible to work in all elements of the logistics chain of the product from its source until arriving the final client.

The Overall Objective of the Course

To find technical staff qualified to work in the field of transport, storage, handling and all elements of product movement. Moreover, be able to implement the required highest degree of possible professional works of art through the system of education and training work, to raise the level of the trainee to gain access to the actual level of the work nature of the global companies that specializes in transportation management and storage.





Training Outputs


Occupations (jobs) that supply and logistics operations program qualifies to, are as follows


1.      Fleet Management Coordinator Assistant
2.      Logistic Project Coordinator Assistant
3.      International Transport Officer Assistant
4.       Yards Supervisor Assistant
5.       Warehouse Secretary Assistant
6.      Relay
7.      Follow-up navigational Systems Coordinator for Trucks
8.      Operations Coordinator (Logistics)
9.      Operations Coordinator (customs acts)
10.     Security and Safety Monitor (Logistics)
11.     Quality Monitor (Logistics)
12.     Shipping customs supervisor
13.     Fleet Receipt and Delivery Supervisor
14.     Trucks Upload and Download Supervisor

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