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Production Line Employee







The program aims to provide recipients of medium qualification certificate or its equivalent trainees with the necessary skills for the production line technician to work in factories' production lines and qualify them to enter the job market. In this course, training includes; the skills that relate to receiving applications and requests for products from the supervisor, check orders, review , request details that help to master the work , check the status of the machine and its ability to work , get the job done. As well as verification of network communication, power lines, matching specifications and setting proper for the production of wooden manufacturing templates. In addition to produce a high-quality product in a high efficiency and in conformity with the required specifications, and operate the machine according to the instructions labeled on and avoid any reasons hinder the work and flags supervisor  of any problem hampering the work or affect the quality or efficiency of production cannot be solved.  Moreover, not leave the machine until finish the work or received from the other operator. Finally, provide the product tags necessary, guidance, checked, and follow the safety instructions in the workplace and in all stages and follow the laws and regulations carefully and ensure the development, training and attend courses. Talents trainee will provided with the knowledge and skills of office, such as; business, Introduction to Computer Applications, develop capabilities of English language skills, as well as career, professional conduct, ethics of work, dealing with third-party systems, procedures for security skills and safety with the need to know first aid when injuries occur inside and outside the lines production.


The Overall Objective of the Course

This course aims to qualify the trainee to work as "Production Lines Employee" by providing them with the necessary skills to read and understand the rules and regulations relating to his work. With the full capability to deal with office modern techniques and the application of quality on the product at all stages with taking care of the safety measures at work , mastering his work as production lines , write the necessary reports included the development of working methods. Within a period of 11 months, the rate of (880) hours of training theoretical / practical, gives the graduate after completing the program pass certificate in the course (Production Lines Employee).


Instructors' Qualifications

Include the Number of Trainers Executed Course with Surrounding Qualifications


Number of Instructors Qualifications According to Specialization
1. Bachelor of Computer
2. Bachelor of English
3. Bachelor of Business Administration or Production



Courses must be token to get Production Line Employee
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