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Operation Supervisor






The program aims to provide trainees, who obtained a high school certificate or its equivalent with the necessary skills of operations supervisor position inside and outside the facility, refine their talents and qualify them to enter the job market      . Training in this course includes the skills that related to; do administrative processes, observe administrative work , application of laws and regulations, doing connectivity and communication between other sections, considering the application of total quality standards in all business, carrying out inventory systems and proceedings, inventory management operations, organizing inventory ,observing the movement of materials, in addition to the identification of associated skills such as; managing time, sales dealing with customers, interpersonal skills with others, job conduct, communication skills , the importance of security and safety, occupational health , the ability to deal with the computer applications and the preparation of technical reports relating to all operations activities


This course is designed to provide trainees with basic knowledge and skills to work as a " Operations Supervisor" skillfully the functions and duties of the career through applying the rules and regulations , warehouse management , operations of sales and application of total quality standards in the management, coordinating with the concerned authorities and writing the necessary reports to develop work . This will be during the period of (11 months) by (880 hours of training) to qualify the graduate to do this career


Instructors Qualifications


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Number of instructors Qualifications according to specialize
1 Bachelor of Computer
1 Bachelor of Business Administration or production




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