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National Recruitment Office





  • Marketing
  • Provide technical and financial offer
  • To make contract and sign by the clients       
  • get the job description for each work profession
  • The client has to sign the agreement with (HRDF) Human Resources Fund
  • Enter a support request on the Human Resources Development Fund site
  • Take approval of the Human Resource Fund for recruitment and training Plan



  • Attract young people and training
  • Accreditation of the attracted unit in numbers, professions and qualification required for trainees
  • Sorting and selection of trainees, initial selection of Institute (Labor Office, Insurance, Fund support)
  • Officer in charge of the company interviews for the trainees and the signing of the final disclosure
  • Trainees signing of the approval of the recruiting contract supported by the Fund with the employee company
  • Clarify the job description for a career that the  trainee will join
  • Trainees are required to open accounts at the bank determined by the Company
  • Make sure all the trainees completed all the necessary conditions before starting training: labor Office, insurance, fund, the application form, ID copy, IBAN account, signing the contract
  • Trainees link according to the number and specified profession for each one of them on the Human Resources Development Fund site
  • There is a period of 45 days for withdrawal and added staff on the fund's site before confirmation
  • Inform the trainees by the time and place to start training
  • Fund approval of the recruitment and training Plan



  • The start of training
  • Preparing and distributing lectures scheduled to trainees by profession / Company
  • Recording the trainees within the footprint of attending and leave system
  • Registration of trainees' data at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation site
  • Distribution of training bags and took the signing of the trainees of receipt
  • Trainees join lectures with an explanation of the terms of attendance, absence, permission
  • Quality and regularity control
  • Alert latecomers / absentees trainees
  • Give warnings to those whom deserve according to the regulations and take his signature of been aware of this, or put it in the institutes' bulletin
  • Direct dismissal letters after informing the company for those who exceeded the permissible limit of absence



  • Training Follow UP / Reports
  • Preparing and distributing clients bills according to the agreed numbers with Taking clarification of receipt
  • Recording the trainees within the footprint of attending and leave system
  • Follow-up the check issuing with financial management until the receipt
  • The issuance of the bond as duly work to be submitted to the Fund
  • Issuance of work bill on Fund site matching official documents (institutes' bond , rewards)
  • Follow-up and Disengagement of the absent trainees linked then expel them from session in coordination with the client Disengagement
  • Upload the names of withdrawing from the session to the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC)
  • Updating the data and files of trainees attending the Institute



  • Graduation from the program
  • Preparation of the delivery file to the employer contains a file for each trainee
  • Preparation of the delivery minutes to work and take the sign to receive trainees
  • Provide the employer with the date of the official tests for trainees
  • Distributing exams schedule to the trainees
  • Trainees undergo the official tests of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation
  • Submitting of the successful trainees certificates to the employer according to the agreement to distribute to the employee


The way (the employer) register to the Human Resources Fund site

  • Employer registration (Set up an account of the facility) on the Human Resources Fund site
  • A letter addressed to the Human Resources Fund request the signing of the comprehensive convention
  • Visit the Human Resources Fund for the signing of the support agreement and sealed by the facility's official  stamp to complete the registration process
  • An ID letter prompt defines liaison officer sealed and certified by the Commerce Chamber

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