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Computer Courses


          Dimensions for Education and Training, Offers the below Given Courses meanwhile and later on the advance courses will be added

1- Certified Information Technology:

                          in this course the participant will learn the about he Information Technology its uses, Importance and role of Information Technology in our daily routine life, use of computer, Office Application (advance level), Computer Network, technical issues and resolving, the contents of this course are consisted on ten unit, you may ask us for the course contents to have a detailed understanding what you will learn in the course.


2- Advance Excel:

                       This course covers the Excel at advance Level, after taking this course, the participant will be an independent excel expert. He / she will be able to apply and relations between formulae apply charts and displaying the data in graphical form.


3- Computer Network:

                     In this course the Participants will learn about the computer Network, working of nodes in a computer network, network devices, installation, troubleshooting, different types of Networking, different means to create a network, IP configuration and Installation.


4- Microsoft Office

                   This course will only cover the Office Applications, at advance level, by covering both the basic and advance level.

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